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animals-1184300-1280.jpgSometimes being vegan isn't good enough.

Our boycott of animal exploitation is important. Refusing to consume the flesh, purchase the skins, and support the enslavement of sentient beings is tipping the scale in favor of animals every day.

But consuming vegan products isn’t always enough. Our individual buying habits make a difference, but more power lies in changing the habits of people around us.

The intention of Wanyama Box is to do just that. The boxes remove misconceptions about vegan food in a fun, memorable way and get people to consider plant-based living. Vegans everywhere should be promoting animal free alternatives, and these boxes are one way to do it.

This initiative is run by one vegan who made a commitment to improving her animal advocacy. Sharing food is a strategy that’s worked well for me, so I wanted to make it accessible for vegans everywhere.