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Why Are Boxes Sent Anonymously?

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Have you ever gotten an anonymous note or gift in the mail? Maybe not, but it would be pretty cool if you did, right?

There’s something about surprise gifts that gets people excited, but to add to that feeling, we threw in a bit of mystery.

Wanyma Boxes are sent anonymously to add to the experience. We want to make sure people never forget getting a box, so by making it delicious, sending it unexpectedly, and having people work to figure out where it came from makes the experience that much more memorable.

It also encourages omnivores to reach out to vegans. It’s a rare occasion when the omnivores in our lives come to us to talk about plant-based eating, so the text or call you get from them right after they get their box gives you the opportunity to connect.

These also aren’t gifts vegans need recognition for. Anyone sending a Wanyama Box should be doing it in the name of animals. Who sent it shouldn’t matter as much as the impact it has.

So what do you think of the packages being sent anonymously? We’re always open to your feedback, so if you think personalized cards are a better idea, let us know why!

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