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While You Wait: Keeping People Engaged

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So you’ve just finished a great conversation on the importance of veganism with a group of not-yet-vegan friends. Some of them got it, some of them didn’t, but since you want to keep the momentum going, you decide to send all of them Wanyama Boxes.

The problem? The next shipment doesn’t go out for another 4 weeks! By that time, the wonderful conversation you had will be forgotten.

Not to worry. Having time between the inception of the idea and the reception of the box is a wonderful thing. It gives you an opportunity to build up to the delivery and make the box even more special. It is easier for the loved one receiving the anonymous package to think about who sent it.

Below are a few ideas on how to keep people engaged while you wait for the box to get to them.

Share important videos and articles
If they’re into social media, use it as a tool to keep them engaged. Share YouTube videos on their Facebook feeds, tag them in powerful Instagram images, and use Twitter to show them important articles.

Remember, not everyone will be receptive to bloody images and videos. The lead up to getting the box should be positive, so use your discretion when picking a video.

Send encouraging messages
A text or phone call can go a long way, especially with loved ones who’ve expressed interest in going vegan. Don’t let the positive conversation be forgotten. Continue to engage on a personal level with anyone you think would be receptive.

Check-ins can be a simple greeting that show the person they’re thought of or questions about how you can help. See what’s right for you and make sure you’re reaching out at least once a week while you wait for their gift to arrive.

Invite them to dinner
Invite your future recipient to your favorite vegan restaurant. Better yet, cook them up a vegan meal and have them over for dinner. Misconceptions about what vegans eat are the root of a lot of the skepticism. By showing them exactly what we eat, you remove a lot of the confusion.

No great restaurants in your area? Break out your apron and get to work. Cooking up a great vegan meal can work wonders.

Have a movie screening
Movie screenings of Cowspriacy, Earthlings, Veducated, or any other vegan/animal rights documentary is always a good idea. This one isn’t necessarily limited to the recipient of the package; gather as many of your non-vegan loved ones as possible and have them over for a movie night.

Remain encouraging
You want positive conversations leading up to the package delivery, so try to be more encouraging than anything. If the person receiving the Wanyama Box doesn’t accept your invitations, don’t worry! They may deny your invitations but they can’t deny your surprise gift.

Keeping them engaged is a lead-up to the main event. It makes it easier for people to think of who sent the anonymous package if you’ve been very active during the weeks before, so don’t get frustrated before the box arrives.

Do what you can to keep them engaged in the mean time. It makes getting a box even more memorable!

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