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What does “Wanyama” mean?

Wanyama (pronounced wan-YA-ma) means “animals” in Swahili.


Can I send a box to myself?

Boxes are intended to inspire non-vegans to make more ethical choices. We hope everyone who supports Wanyama Box understands our mission and does not buy boxes for themselves. We encourage you to visit our vendors’ websites. Many of them offer discounts on their products to our customers, so we’ll send you coupons after you’ve made your purchase. We’ll send you the discount codes after you make your purchase.


Why are the boxes so expensive?

They’re only expensive if you aren’t on our mailing list! Add your email address at the bottom of the screen for exclusive discounts on every box.


Why are boxes sent anonymously?

We want Wanyama Box to be something people never forget. Aside from being a surprise, the mystery around who sent the box adds to the experience. It also encourages people to come to you and talk about veganism--something that rarely happens.


How will they know I sent it?

They won’t! But they’re asked to guess. Look out for a call, text, or email within 10 days of the box’s shipment. If you don’t hear from her/him, reach out to make sure it got there.


Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns at this time.


How do we partner with Wanyama Box?